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 Throughout my photographic work I am particularly drawn to the subject of landscapes, both natural and manmade to document the world around me. Focusing on detail and characteristics that may have been overlooked, and sometimes experimenting with techniques, to produce images that draw the viewer and convey a message or highlight a specific theme. 
My choice of subject comes from my interest and ideas about the beauty of nature and my thoughts and concerns about the fragile world we live in. For this project I have experimented with light painting techniques to highlight the natural beauty and the unique characteristics and forms that exist within Scotland’s vast and diverse natural landscapes. 
I chose light painting to achieve a different perspective of my subjects, allowing them to be visually transformed just for that moment in time. I want to capture the beauty of nature as I personally see it and preserve it as it is for future generations. 
As my journey through the world of photography continues and evolves, I am eager to expand in technique, genre and artistic expression to create even more meaningful and valuable work in the future. 
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