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Photographer/image maker bringing utopian, hyper digitized, fantasy-rich worlds to life. My work takes inspiration from vibrant pop culture imagery and hyperrealist movement. These influences help to form an aesthetic which is free and forward-facing. The themes reflected in my work embrace beauty, technology and personal identity. My work encapsulates both fashion and portrait photography and is composed primarily in a studio setting. The photographs are character-driven – creating an elevated, hyperbolised view of reality and people, far removed from the mundane. My goal is to answer the urge in contemporary culture to substitute reality with a shimmery, perfected Photoshop world.

            This specific project is titled ‘Border Crossing’, a reference to ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’ (1984) written by Donna Haraway - the main inspiration for my Major Project. The key figure in the manifesto is a cyborg, which serves as a metaphor for a rejection of rigid boundaries, most notably those separating "human" from "animal" and "human" from "machine". The aim of project was to explore specifically those boundaries as well as what it means to be a human- existing in between animal and the machine (antithetical to animal). It captures the subject in this crossover between two states.

            We see the subject in multiple guises, caught between glowing, chrome surfaces and natural forms. The metallic, digital hues are contrasted with composition more immediately influenced by renaissance and baroque art – perhaps more plainly seen in the use of draped garments and quiescent, statuesque poses. This fusion of old and new, merging historical influences with cyberspace elements, allowed for a visual articulation of the duality between the technological and the natural.
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