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These moving images belong to a body of work that looks at confronting the malleability of memory. 
The series aims to bridge a gap between science and art by demonstrating mnemonic techniques through digital imagery. Research and development have led to a focus on the loci method which pontificates that by imposing a storyline over what one wishes to remember, our brains allow for easier recollection. 
As stories are as old as language, and photography communicates stories ; the two mediums seem harmonious companions in an effort to reintroduce memory enhancing methods that may be overlooked. 
While this link may appear rather fruity out with their full context, the complete visual series will be accompanied by a story that will disclose a recipe for banana bread. In unfamiliar and uncertain times, this recipe was chosen to display an observation of one of the social reactions to spending more time at home in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anyone sick of twiddling their thumbs and keen for a collaboration, please feel free to contact me. 
Stay Safe

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